Pregnancy spells worldwide – Voodoo Fertility spells

Pregnancy spells worldwide - Voodoo Fertility spells

Pregnancy spells worldwide are very strong and effective.These pregnancy spells in canada – sweden -Norway – UK. Voodoo Fertility spells will give you positive results If you are scared and want to be assured of having a safe pregnancy You want to prevent. Concieve spells are available, only contact Psychic Bangi to help. Call or Whatsapp +27838962951
Miscarriages You want to start your own family but not succeeded till now Then now is the right time for you to go ahead with the Fertility Spell.

If you are interested then you may email me your Name, Birth Date and Nationality so that I will go through your stars and then I will be able to guide you and advise you in a better way.

Pregnancy spells worldwide

Fill bath with warm water (not hot) and add 3 drops of lemon oil and 3 drops of Orange oil. Together with your partner, take turns bathing each

other thoroughly (no soap, only with a clean cloth and perfumed water), until the water gets cool (approximately 30 minutes). After being bathed and before making love, each of you should drink half a cup of coffee or tea with caffeine. Caffeine enhances the mobility of the sperm in men and studies have shown that women who drink this tea with caffeine amount every day improve the chances of conceiving a 200%.
After making love, man should place several pillows under your hips of the female, by tilting your pelvis upward and backward. This makes it easier for the sperm to reach the spot. To help alleviate any inconveniences in this position, he should stay with her and massaging her feet and calves. This stimulates the blood circulation throughout the body, including the uterus. This position must be maintained for 30 minutes. Try this, and remember that you can combine all these spells to get pregnant without any problems.Pregnancy spells worldwide

Voodoo Fertility spells

During your most fertile period (normally 2 days before, during and after ovulation), lights 9 white candles in your bedroom. Place them around your bed. Sitting or standing nude with your partner, looking north, repeats the following incantation to get pregnant:

“With a same purpose, we call you.
With one heart, we long for you
Child of the Earth, air, fire and water,
In our lives, we welcome you”

Look towards the East, then to the South, West and East, repeating this spell every time. Proceed to make love as required by nature. Repeat this spell every night before doing so, for five consecutive nights.Pregnancy spells worldwide and Voodoo Fertility spells

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