free love spells that work immediately

free love spells that work immediately

free love spells that work immediately. Today we will see a series of white witchcraft spells to enter to the head of that special person who you want to attract, and do think only about you. These spells, I think, work really well for me and that is why I am sharing them here. This type of spells is better to do during the waxing moon. With the beams of the full moon, the spell for a person thinks in you will also be powerful and love spells that work immediately.

free love spells that work immediately

This spell seems to work well for the most who tested it. I’ve done this spell so often and my friends and followers also are one of those spells of love that just works.

Spell: I adjure you to think about me

What you will need:

  • Red candle (if you don’t have a red candle, use a white one)
  • Cherry incense
  • Image of the person (if you don’t have a picture of the person, and you can’t get one, write the person’s name on a piece of white paper and looking at the paper imagine the person with intense concentration and clarity. free love spells that work immediately.

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To perform this spell to make someone think of you, begins at night, about 11 pm, holding the candle, and load it with your intentions. To do this, view the person thinking about you, day and night. Display you see in your dreams (it is possible that you also want to send a message through these dreams). Display how thinks of you, in his work, in his house or while he’s making purchases. You can see it significantly distracted. You can see your picture of you spinning in his head. Say aloud what you love spells that work immediately.
Light the incense and red candle. Lie down on the floor and imagine yourself entering his brain. Imagine as he or she thinks of you. You are putting these thoughts in his head. If you are doing it correctly you will feel a tingling feeling in the head. This is your connection. Holding the image of the person, and say the following:

“Goddess of love enter in your field,
Your thoughts will be as I command you.
Everything you see, what you will do,
Only and always in my think.”

Place the photo of the person under the lighted red candle. Then think about the thoughts that you want to embed in your head, over and over again like a broken record. If you can do this until the candle to burn completely, then much better. It is possible that you wish to leave the candle next to your bed and continue meditating and visualizing until you fall asleep. free love spells that work immediately.

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